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Why to invest Commercial Property in Noida Extension


In India, investment in real estate is considered the best form of investment. You get high returns and the asset remains safe from many possible dangers. However, the Indian mindset still remains inclined towards residential investment because a second home is always preferable by people. But in the opinion of many real estate experts, commercial investment is always more profitable than residential investments. Commercial investment not only helps to diversify an investor’s portfolio but also puts them at a better bet of greater returns. In fact, according to some experts commercial investment turns out to be the most stable asset in real estate market off late.

Commercial investment largely incorporates investment in property that is leased out to be converted into a workspace such as office buildings or retail spaces like malls, shops and restaurants. The investors can also avail many advantages when they opt for a commercial property. Firstly, they can enjoy the unbelievable leasing prices. If an investor chooses a property in an area where construction is very limited, investing in a commercial property can yield for them great returns and an impressive cash flow every month. Also, they will get the benefit of lower rental rates. For instance, an industrial property will rent at a lower rate as compared an office tower. The overhead costs of the same will also be much less.
Another advantage of commercial investment is that commercial properties can be put up on longer lease contracts as compared to residential properties. Residential properties can be put up for lease often even for as less as four to six months. But leases on commercial properties can last for as long as 10 to 15 years. Even at a minimum, a lease on a commercial property will be at least one year long. This obviously gives the holder of a commercial property a significant cash inflow as well as financial stability and security for longer duration as compared to residential properties.

However there are many challenges in commercial investment as well. First comes in the form of many legalities and regulations that apply to a commercial investment in Noida Extension. And all these rules and regulations vary from one state, country, industry, etc. to another. Another challenge is to whether the owner of the property is able to adapt the premises as per the needs of the tenant. If a commercial projects in Noida Expressway has a high tenant turnover, it will also increase the costs of renovations and adjustments.

Noida and Greater Noida are two regions in the National Capital Region that are increasingly gaining the attention of commercial investors and developers. The regions have given good returns to investors in commercial properties in the past along with commendable physical as well as social infrastructure. And thus, both Noida and Greater Noida remain attractive destinations of investment for commercial investors. Noida and Greater Noida have many facets that offer respite to commercial investors when compared to other regions. Both in terms of land availability and affordable property prices, Both Noida and Greater Noida have given solace to investors and buyers. The areas are undergoing infrastructural development on a large scale, attracting the attention of even international commercial investors.

Connectivity plays a major role in attracting commercial investors to Noida and Greater Noida region. With metro connectivity on the rise and many expressways being renovated and expanded, these areas will see excellent connectivity in the coming years. An international airport has also been proposed in the vicinity. Many reputed builders have ventured into the commercial markets of Noida and Greater Noida and have delivered some great and quality projects that are fast-catching the eye of commercial investors and serving their purpose well. Many well-known residential projects in the vicinity are also speeding up this process. Due to all these reasons, commercial property in Noida and Greater Noida is on a high demand. Sectors like 18 and 126 in Noida have seen many MNCs and reputed forms setting up office spaces in Noida Extension. So, the plenty of worthy commercial investment opportunities combined with good infrastructure and excellent connectivity make Noida and Greater Noida attractive commercial investment destinations.

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